Bayt Silsal at Ruwwad

I am so pleased to feature Alwan, an exhibition by young people with disabilities from Bayt Silsal at Ruwwad Al Tanmeya. My dear friend Rula Atalla; whom I have always admired her artistic talents that include ceramics, furniture, jewellery and more. Rula started “Bayt Silsal at Ruwwad” with one of my favourite Jordanian visual artists, […]

Katia Al Tal

Jordanian artist Katia Al Tal founder of Nuwa Creations, shows us her new line of sculptural ceramic homewares, a selection of beautiful calligraphy-adorned, hand-sculpted pieces. My favourite is my very own calligraphic tea set, which was gifted to me by the amazingly talented artist and includes hand-sculptured calligraphic handles. Other playful pieces include the Medad, […]