Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Abu Dhabi with my daughter Zein Salti. Waking up in the bright sun the first thing we did is visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque  somewhere I’ve wanted to see since we featured it in the Ramadan edition of Trendesign Magazine two years ago. The Sheik Zayed […]

Happy Wedding in Cortina D’Ampezzo

I was thrilled to be invited to the wedding of my best friend Marina Bisharat’s daughter, Maryam and her fiancé Ibrahim Salloum. After a simply breathtaking engagement party in Amman, the Cortina D’Ampezzo wedding was as fabulous and more. Tweet

My trip to Cologne

I was so excited for my trip to Cologne, as I always love going to Germany. When I arrived, I checked into the Wasserturm Hotel, which was once the oldest water tower in Europe. This one-of-a-kind hotel is situated in the heart of city close to the famous cathedral, one of the major attractions in […]

My weekend at Le Mirador Resort & Spa

When we arrived in Geneva from Amman, we rented a car to go straight to Le Mirador Resort & Spa in Vevey. This historic town is considered one of the “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera” for its beauty and history.  I was very excited to visit this particular resort. It also has an important relationship with […]

Shamil Shroukh’s Top Makeup Tips

I had a very interesting chat with makeup artist Shamil Shroukh after I attended his three-day workshop with L’Oreal to present their latest products at the Olive Tree Hotel Amman. He was kind enough to share these interesting tips Applying these seven everyday beauty basics should not take more than 10 minutes of your time: […]

Breathtakingly Beautiful Banff

The  trip  to Banff was very special and dear to my heart, as it was with my three kids: Sami, Zein and Haya. My daughters live in Montreal, Canada, and every summer we plan a trip together to fit around their busy schedules. This year we decided to visit Calgary, Alberta, where Sami lives. I flew into […]

Art by Mohanna Durra

A while back, contributing photographer Brian Scannell hatched the idea of featuring local artist Mohanna Durra on the cover. Mohanna is one of my favourite artists, and has developed an international reputation for his paintings of clowns. I was so excited because it is extraordinary and different when compared to our usual cover subjects. We […]

My campaign with Emporio Armani VESPA 946

Emporio Armani version of the Vespa 946 celebrates two classic Italian symbols of style I am so excited to be part of the limited edition Emporio Armani Vespa 946 scooter campaign that was created at the Boulevard in Abdali, Amman with Darwazeh Motors. The Vespa people have joined forces with legendary fashion guru Giorgio Armani to […]

Katia Al Tal

Jordanian artist Katia Al Tal founder of Nuwa Creations, shows us her new line of sculptural ceramic homewares, a selection of beautiful calligraphy-adorned, hand-sculpted pieces. My favourite is my very own calligraphic tea set, which was gifted to me by the amazingly talented artist and includes hand-sculptured calligraphic handles. Other playful pieces include the Medad, […]