My trip to Cologne

I was so excited for my trip to Cologne, as I always love going to Germany. When I arrived, I checked into the Wasserturm Hotel, which was once the oldest water tower in Europe. This one-of-a-kind hotel is situated in the heart of city close to the famous cathedral, one of the major attractions in Cologne.

Hotel Im Wasserturm

I was amazed by the intricate architecture built 140 years ago. My room had a terrace with an outstanding view of Cologne and a 360-degree panoramic view of the hills of the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfels. I especially enjoyed the balance between the modern interior design against the historical exterior architecture of the hotel.

Hotel Im Wasserturm



The hotel also had a great variety of food from different cuisines, and one of the restaurants was the Michelin-starred “HIMMEL UN ÄD You had the option to choose between two different menus.My choice was the following a five Course Menu.

Hotel Im Wasserturm

Bread with 3 kinds of butter:


Pepper and chili

Olives and citron


Sardines and oranges

Coffee with milk and green pea panna cotta

Goldfish with paprika and almonds

Hotel Im Wasserturm

Goose Liver

Canneloni – Raffaello – Piña Colada

Truffle filled with goose liver and coconut juice

Goose liver cannelloni with piña colada

Goose liver soufflé

Hotel Im WasserturmBlack Cod

Beetroot – Oyster – Pearl Barely

Hotel Im WasserturmBaby Lamb

Lotus Root – Wheat Grass – Red Currant Baby lamb in 3 variations: back, leg and shoulder With redcurrant, mushrooms, lotus grass

Hotel Im WasserturmDate

Miso – Pecan – 5 Spice Date biscuits with pecan nuts and 5 spiced biscuit,

Hotel Im Wasserturm

Chocolate cassis With almond marshmallows, mashed apples, apple ice and sweet ginger mustard


I visited Cologne Cathedral the next day to see the amazing gothic architecture and huge spires. After all the historical events that the structure has weathered, it still stands strong and beautiful to this day.

After a bit more sight seeing and shopping, I had to try the traditional Cologne cuisine. I visited a traditional restaurant and brewery next to the cathedral called Brauhaus Früh am Dom, where I had Wiener Schnitzel served with boiled potatoes and a mixed salad and their local mustard. It was certainly a full and busy trip!