The W Experience: Dare to Discover

W Barcelona
W Barcelona

My journey with Eagle Hills Jordan to W Barcelona was to experience the awe-inspiring world of W Hotels before it arrives to Amman this winter  “Dare to Discover”. To say the least, luxury was redefined for me during this trip. W is not your typical five-star hotel, but rather, a place where you are allowed to boldly color outside the lines.

For those who dare to discover what’s new in design, music, fashion and fuel, stay tuned because Eagle Hills Jordan is introducing W Amman Hotel in Jordan.

W Barcelona
With Zein Talhouni, Bana Abujaber, Tareq Maroun, Vanessa Arturo

I embarked on this trip with three hip and happening influencers Tareq Maroun (@_projectnomad_), Vanessa Arturo (@VanessaArturo.official) and Bana Abujaber (@sidenotebanaa).

W Hotels open doors to exclusive, insider experiences, creating memories that linger long after your stay. Read on to learn about this WOW experience…

First Day

Upon arrival at Barcelona – El Prat airport, we were greeted by the hotel driver, who transported us immediately to the hotel. The anticipation and excitement was steadily increasing as we got near our destination, W Barcelona.

W Barcelona
The hotel is strikingly modern with glass covering the entire facade
W Barcelona
The rooms at W Barcelona are breathtakingly stunning
W Barcelona
My beautiful room with a view

The hotel architecture is strikingly modern with glass covering the entire facade of the building which sits at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I was in awe of the structure and giddy with excitement. We were immediately checked in with friendly faces, and kindly escorted to our rooms. Let me take a moment to tell you- the rooms are breathtakingly stunning in design. Not mentioning the space and layout; they had floor-to-ceiling windows with a view that was to simply die for. Luckily, W Amman’s 280 vibrant guest rooms and suites will also allow guests to gaze at the iconic Amman cityscape through floor-to-ceiling windows.

W Barcelona
W Barcelona’s BLISS Spa.

After unpacking a few things, the first thing I did after the flight was to pamper myself to “Triple Oxygen Treatment” (known to be the most-popular all-around complexion reviver) at W Barcelona’s BLISS® Spa.

My experience was simply blissful; my face felt so smooth and freshly revitalized, all signs of travel and fatigue gone instantly. I can’t wait to indulge in pampering treatments at AWAY® Spa once the W Amman Hotel is open.

W Barcelona
W Sound Suite

Subsequently, we received an exclusive tour of the WOW factors of the W Barcelona, including the W Sound Suite presentation with W Barcelona’s Music Curator Piem, which was a favourite of mine. There, artists and singers can record their songs while on vacation. Tareq Maroun actually took advantage of the facility and recorded a lovely country song with his handsomely calming voice.

W Barcelona
Stunning view from the Extreme WOW Suite

We ended the night with a Welcome Cocktail Dinner at the Extreme Wow Cabana, boasting views over the Mediterranean and listening to the magical sounds of DJ Piem. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the first day than to mix and mingle with amazing beats, great laughs and fantastic bites.

W Barcelona
Lunch with the charming GM Mr. Stijn and Marketing team of W Barcelona

Second Day

We had a scheduled lunch with the charming General Manager and Marketing team of W Barcelona. Mr. Stijn proudly explained more about the W World as we soaked in the views of the Mediterranean at SALT Restaurant Terrace. It felt as though we were dining at a place that floated heavenly in the air above the sea.

A unique and revealing tour around Barcelona wth W Insiders

After lunch, we were lucky to have 2 very informative and talented Insiders take us around the city. The W Barcelona Insider Pep Malla, and the W Amman’s E-Insider Mikel Elecalde Armentia.

W Insiders are the most in-the-know, hyper-connected, ultimate VIP hosts, and they provide insider access to what’s NEW/NEXT for hotel guests every day.

We got a unique and revealing tour around Barcelona, showcasing hidden gems and the latest in Barcelona’s fashion and design scenes. Since only the W insiders can get you backstage access to the best spots in town, we were fortunate and ultimately pampered during our stay.

W Barcelona
W Barcelona

Later at night, we indulged in cocktails and dinner at Bravo24, W Barcelona’s finest restaurant, led by Michelin Star awarded Chef Carles Abelian. Following the decadent dinner, we finished the night at Eclipse; an exclusive nightclub located on the 26th floor at W Barcelona where we danced the night away.

With the introduction of W Amman, guests will have a variety of signature beverage and food outlets to choose from, including an all-day dining restaurant, a specialty venue, a destination bar and the Living Room (W’s take on the traditional hotel lobby).

 The Born district
With Bana Abujaber, Vanessa Artur, Tareq Maroun in the Born district
 The Born district
With Bana Abujaber, Vanessa Artur, Zein Talhouni in the Born district

Third Day

Upon discovering unique boutiques in the Born district (a place I absolutely fell in love with), we enjoyed an afternoon of fashion trends discovery and shopping, followed by a delicious lunch at a charming little restaurant in downtown Barcelona.

To end the day, we refueled at one of the trendiest restaurants in Barcelona; the Rooftop Smokehouse. It was the most charming insider dining experience. Charming and authentic, it is a place they smoke, ferment, pickle, cure, and experiment with local sourced and grown meats and produce. The food was exceptionally delicious, and the host chef was lovely.

W Barcelona
W Barcelona

Fourth Day

We bid farewell with a heavy heart to one and all at the W Barcelona and thanked them for an incredible experience. I can’t wait for the opening of W Amman.

W Amman is one of Eagle Hills’ projects in Jordan. The 37-floor development, located in Amman’s Abdali district, houses the urban W Amman Hotel and the highest residential living experience with The Skyline Residences, serviced by W Amman.

W Barcelona
The W World


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