Wadi Rum: A weekend in the sun with old pals and lots of adventure

Wadi Rum, one of Jordan’s treasures of natural aesthetic beauty, was host to a recent gathering of mine. A group of friends and I, including the always interesting Nidal Eses, Zein Saket and Valentina Qassissyeh, packed up our camping gear and snacks, and headed to Wadi Rum for the weekend. Nidal Eses, who is a classmate of mine and a dear friend, always comes up with out-of-the-box plans for us. I love when he calls me up because I never know what quirky idea he is going to come up with!

This trip to Wadi Rum was one of the most memorable for me. One of the most visually arresting landscapes in Jordan, Wadi Rum also boasts an incredibly interesting history both cultural and social. Populated by Bedouins, most of which are from the Zalabia and Zweideh tribes, Wadi Rum now features a variety of experiences including jeep and camel tours, camping with Bedouins and music and health retreats. What I find especially important is that most of these experiences are curated through the Rum Tourism Cooperative, which is a locally run society that shares tourism business between the villagers, supporting their livelihoods.


A real landscape for adventure, Wadi Rum offered us an open space to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. With the help of Nidal and his awesome SUV, we set up camp in the heart of Wadi Rum. It’s such an experience to be in the middle of such an expansive natural landscape, away from all city life, and just hear the sound of your own voice and the nature that surrounds you. I had so much fun riding camels, climbing up rocks and sliding down the smooth, blood orange coloured sand. It was such a different experience than my usual weekends that I truly loved being able to unwind and hear the clarity of my own voice. I really feel it’s a great way to connect on a different level with your friends and family, as there is nothing around to distract you.

Another couple joined us on the trip who were true experts on Wadi Rum. They knew so much about the history and land that none of us had known before, and we listened to their stories over cups of tea and coffee and a crackling bonfire. I believe it’s so important to set aside time to explore nature, put down the phones and laptops and get offline, and truly disconnect. You can do it alone or with close friends, but we all need that time to re-centre ourselves, and Wadi Rum was such a wonderful place to do that



Read more about Wadi Rum here and plan your next trip with friends and family for a unique experience away from the city!

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